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zest HACCP, the digitalization application
of your health control plan and your traceability

zest is a Web application which facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements for professionals who manage food products.
This bespoke cost-effective solution is adapted to the size of your store and to the specific requirements of the different sections of your store.

This digital solution allows you to :

  • Simplify your HACCP process
  • Carry out the compulsory registrations in your Health Control Plan
  • Ensure flawless traceability of foodstuffs
  • Manage and control all dates

zest HACCP
supports you in daily management of
your Health Control Plan and traceability.

zest HACCP solution
  • The first digital solution to be referenced at the national level for food Retailing.
  • The only application able to manage both your self-service and your over-the-counter service options.
  • Reduced handling
  • Significant reduction of losses
  • No more risks of fines

  • Immediate return on investment (ROI)!

Digitize your Health Control Plan with zest HACCP

zest HACCP is intended for Retailing professionals first and foremost. Health requirements in this industry are very strict and must be closely monitored. .

Today, procedures to be applied in stores are still presented on paper, at a time when digital technologies are constantly evolving.
zest HACCPsolves this problem and optimises daily management for Retailing brands.

The application digitizes all the obligations falling within the scope of a Health Control Plan.

The zest HACCP web application guarantees traceability at each stage of the product, from its arrival on site to its sale in the store, via production if necessary.

zest HACCP also supports other food professionals. To find out more about our solutions, click here.