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zest HACCP solution, the application that simplifies your management
of your Health Control Plan and your traceability.

zest HACCP solution boosts your performance and ensures you save time and money concerning your health obligations. Our comprehensive application is today focused on Retailing professionals to simplify their daily tasks and supervise all supermarket sections.

Our multimedia interface is the only solution which allows you to manage both the Self-Service sections and Over-the-Counter service.
Your data are centralised and secured. Boost your efficiency and enjoy carrying out the required monitoring.

3 good reasons to use zest HACCP solution

time saved Time saved
Easy access Easy access
Paperless Paperless

zest HACCP for mass retailing

You are a Retailing professional and manage or work in a hypermarket, supermarket, small grocery store or group purchasing organisation.

For quality officers and supermarket staff, covering self-service, over-the-counter service and deli counters.
The zest HACCP software offers you optimal traceability from delivery to production, as the case may be, on to shelf placement and sale. zest HACCP makes your daily work easier: Less handling to save you time, manage use-by dates and reduce losses .

For store managers, directors or owners
zest HACCP solution helps you manage the quality procedure for your brand within central departments. It allows you to carry out the compulsory registrations required by your Health Control Plan, improve productivity of your teams and increase consumer satisfaction.

Time saved + reduced markdown + no more fines = immediate ROI!

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zest HACCP for the Bars, Hotels and Restaurants

You work in a traditional or fast food restaurant or mass catering service. You are a restaurant employee, kitchen helper, chef, manager or owner of one or several restaurants.

Services such as cafeterias, fast food restaurants, food trucks and central kitchens are required to comply with regulations to avoid the risk of fines and consumer disputes.

zest HACCP is available in 2 versions which are particularly suited to your line of business.
Our solution makes it possible to enter daily recordings such as temperature readings and manages any ensuing non-compliance issues. No need to cut and file all your supplier labels anymore; just take photos of them. They are automatically archived and all it takes to find them is a few clicks!

Simplicity - Security - Efficiency : zest HACCP solution is cost-effective and saves you time and money!

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zest HACCP for the Catering professionals

You are a caterer or work in delicatessen, meat or fish, bakery or pastry.

You are required to comply with regulations to avoid the risk of fines and conflicts with consumers who are increasingly cautious about their store purchases, in particular regarding food safety.

For independent shopkeepers, brand stores or members of franchise networks who have one or several sales outlets
zest HACCP will support you with dematerialisation of labels, management of technical data sheets and allergen information, enhanced reliability of compulsory reading registrations, monitoring of sell-by dates and reduced losses, centralisation of documents and supervision of the HACCP process. This involves monitoring for your health approval procedure.

Simple, comprehensive and cost-effective, zest HACCP solution saves you time and money!

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zest HACCP pour la traçabilité de vos produits

You are a production or processing professional in delicatessen, meat, fish, bakery or industrial pastry.
At your plant or on several sites, you are the quality or QHSE officer, production or plant manager.

You are required to comply with many standards, in particular European standards. On a daily basis, with your teams, you manage your Health Control Plan and need to prevent any health risks during your production process or storage logistics.

zest HACCP is a bespoke digital solution, specific to the different professions involved, which allows total traceability, dematerialisation and securing of data as well as managing and securing the HACCP process.

This solution is multilingual and compatible with all computer systems. Save time and improve security with zest!

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